ACE Hospitality Academy is a division of ACE Quality Assurance.
The name, ACE, is an acronym for ‘All-Round Customer Experience’.

We are a visionary company in the pursuit of Customer Excellence. Founded in 2009, by innovative and forward-thinking industry people evolving to target new opportunities within the Tourism, Hospitality and Customer Service industries.

The cornerstone to a reputable, growing organization is its ability to offer consistent customer service experiences at different locations, in different parts of the country. The consistency of a brand hinges on checks and balances. The positive impact of quality assurance is real.

We offer Quality Assurance, Consulting and Training solutions to the service industries. Our detailed service audits, industry analytical skills, action plans and service focussed training courses, provide our clients with the tools necessary to assist them through each part of the quality assurance process within the organisation.

Taking into account the growing number customers and consumers ACE realized the need to take a more holistic approach to customer service management process and to provide powerful solutions to companies offering any form of service.

What do happy Customers offer your business?

  • Retention of customers.
  • An advantage over your competitors.
  • Increases in customer satisfaction, spend and frequency of visits.
  • More customer referrals and recommendations to new customers.
  • Builds your business reputation in the market place.
  • Reduces complaints and problems.
  • Saves resources – happy skilled and trained staff.
  • Positive customer experiences and overall satisfaction.

Satisfied customers are priceless assets to your business and may assist you in building a successful business, yet many companies fail to place emphasis on customer excellence, customer satisfaction and more importantly customer retention. They find it easier finding new customers than maintaining the current customer base.

The value of attracting new business cannot be discounted, it is equally important and cost effective to grow your business by serving your existing customers.